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Covington Independent Public Schools (CIPS)
The Frank Duveneck Arts & Cultural Center has had programs in  
partnership with CIPS.

Covington Partners in Prevention (CPIP)
Covington Partners in Prevention is a Coalition of community members
who plan and take action to promote positive youth development
through prevention and early intervention strategies in collaboration
with the schools of Covington. The Frank Duveneck Arts & Cultural
Center has worked in partnership with CPIP since 2004.

Covington Optimist Club
Covington Optimist Club brings out the best in youth by providing hope
and positive vision.

Telecommunications Board of Northern Ky.
The Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky Community
Program Center partnership enables The Frank Duveneck Arts and
Cultural Center to use video equipment and studio space for projects.
In 2008 the Duveneck Center partnered with the TBNK to launch a
Teen Video project.

Bruce Menefield
Bruce Menefield, accomplished saxaphonist, jazz musician, producer
and promoter, contributed to the first two FDACC Annual Music & Arts
Fest events by serving as the entertainment manager. His expertise
ensured that our attendees enjoyed a dazzling array of talent, and that
our event flowed smoothly, making it a fantastic experience for both the
performers and the audience.

Midwest Latino
Midwest brings a variety of events to the Northern Kentucky and
Cincinnati area to celebrate cultural diversity.

Fr. Jim Hasse
Fr. Jim Hasse worked with Our Savior Church in Covington, and was an
amazing artist who exhibited at the Duveneck Center several times.
Sadly, he died June 19, 2011. Read more about him

The Madison Theater
Located in at 730 Madison Avenue in the heart of Covington, this gem
of a theater offers a wide variety of entertainment for the region. The
Madison Theater remains dear to the hearts of all involved with the
Frank Duveneck Arts and Cultural Center as this venue and its
wonderful management and staff have been tireless in their support of
our Annual Benefit Music and Arts Fest.

The Monmouth Theater
Located in Newport, Kentucky, the Monmouth Theater is a gem. The
Monmouth Theater hosts productions from Falcon Theater production
company, and is available for rent by local performance groups as well.

The Frank Duveneck Arts and Cultural Center
held it's very first
monologue presentation by
Voices of Grace, our women's writing
group, at The Monmouth Theater.

Peter Jaquish
Local artist, Peter Jaquish has served on the programming advisory
committee for the Frank Duveneck Arts & Cultural Center. Mr. Jaquish
was the lead artist for the beautiful mural that graces the Duveneck
Center south wall, and did an amazing job on repairing the mural after
it was damaged by a runaway truck.

Local Musicians who play fantastic latin dance music. Zumba! has been
a supporter of the Duvneck Center and performed at our fundraisers.
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