organization profile

The Frank Duveneck Arts and Cultural Center was initiated in 1999 by Forward
Quest Inc., a community development organization dedicated to promoting a vibrant
local economy and quality of life for all citizens in Northern Kentucky.

One of Forward Quest’s goals was to develop an arts district to promote and
capitalize on the visual and performing arts in Covington. The Frank Duveneck Arts
and Cultural Center, the first of such initiatives, currently consists of two buildings,
the Duveneck House and the Activity Center, at 1232 Greenup Street in Northern

Purchased in April 2000 through the generosity  of several benefactors and Forward
Quest, the property includes the House and Studio of renowned American painter
Frank Duveneck (1848-1919), and the former Klingenberg Hardware Store. The
store building, constructed on the site of Squire Duveneck’s summer beer garden,
currently functions as a community arts center. Work continues for the restoration of
the House and Studio to showcase his life, works, and his tremendous influence
on international and American art, and to recognize the significant contributions he
made locally, as one of the founders of the Cincinnati Art Academy and of the
Cincinnati Art Club. The Frank Duveneck Arts and Cultural Center celebrates the
spirit of Frank Duveneck.

board of directors

Mirna Colon, President
Rena Gibeau, Vice President/Secretary
Charles Alexander


Samuel T. Phillips, Poetry Workshops
Rena Gibeau, Dance Fitness
Lisa Marie Carbert, Writing Workshops, Art
Mirna Colon, Photography
Frank Duveneck
A fellow artist from the Eastside